March 5, 2021

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I’ve been paying for Avast for a few years and want to know if it’s worth it/if I can find something similar for free?

Hi everyone

When I was in Uni I bought Avast Antivirus due to having had laptops struggling with slowing down massively and not wanting a laptop to die or be any sort of problem around submission time. I found it massively useful and well worth the money as it worked well for me as I’m not great with anything technical for computers and it was worth the money to not have to stress about faulty computers as I had done in the past. I bought internet security for browsing and it came with a few other features like a password add on and scanner.

As a short term solution it works great but now I’m using my laptop much less and it’s not as essential due to no need to keep and work on assignments on it, I realise I’ve been paying for this software when I really don’t need to be…or do I? I really don’t know. My annual renewal for Avast is in the summer and I will cancel it before then (I’m paying like £60 or more I think which is practically pointless now).

Is it fine just using the free version of Avast? Or is there a more recommended company or app than Avast?

My needs are that it would ideally be free and something to replace the password folder and the clean up/scanning options would be ideal as well, but the latter isn’t essential. Figured this would be the place to come for this kind of advice.

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