March 6, 2021

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Parler Apparently Temporarily Blocked Its Own Co-Founder and Former CEO

Parler Apparently Temporarily Blocked Its Own Co-Founder and Former CEO

“Parler, the social media site popular among conservatives, appeared to have banned its cofounder and former CEO on Friday,” reports BuzzFeed News, “before restoring his access later in the day.”

An anonymous Slashdot reader shares their report:
John Matze, whom Parler’s management fired earlier this month, told BuzzFeed News that he believed he had been banned after making several posts and comments on the platform earlier this week. Screenshots that Matze shared on a Telegram channel showed that his account had been made “private” on Friday after he’d made a post asking his 722,000 Parler followers what they thought the “fair market value” of the company was. Earlier this week, he had made a post on Parler asking followers to join him on Telegram, a popular messaging app. When BuzzFeed News attempted to communicate with the handle, it received a message that the account had been “blocked.”

“I know it’s a ban because I know how the architecture works,” Matze told BuzzFeed News over text. “I can’t log in anymore.”

After BuzzFeed News contacted a Parler spokesperson about the situation, the social network unblocked the account, according to Matze, who provided a screenshot. The spokesperson did not provide any comment.

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