March 4, 2021

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Differential Privacy-based Permissioned Blockchain for Private Data Sharing in Industrial IoT. (arXiv:2102.09857v1 [cs.CR])

Permissioned blockchain such as Hyperledger fabric enables a secure supply
chain model in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through multichannel and
private data collection mechanisms. Sharing of Industrial data including
private data exchange at every stage between supply chain partners helps to
improve product quality, enable future forecast, and enhance management
activities. However, the existing data sharing and querying mechanism in
Hyperledger fabric is not suitable for supply chain environment in IIoT because
the queries are evaluated on actual data stored on ledger which consists of
sensitive information such as business secrets, and special discounts offered
to retailers and individuals. To solve this problem, we propose a differential
privacy-based permissioned blockchain using Hyperledger fabric to enable
private data sharing in supply chain in IIoT (DH-IIoT). We integrate
differential privacy into the chaindcode (smart contract) of Hyperledger fabric
to achieve privacy preservation. As a result, the query response consists of
perturbed data which protects the sensitive information in the ledger. The
proposed work (DH-IIoT) is evaluated by simulating a permissioned blockchain
using Hyperledger fabric. We compare our differential privacy integrated
chaincode of Hyperledger fabric with the default chaincode setting of
Hyperledger fabric for supply chain scenario. The results confirm that the
proposed work maintains 96.15% of accuracy in the shared data while guarantees
the protection of sensitive ledger’s data.