March 5, 2021

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Dear Community members;

I hope this post falls under community guidelines and is not a promotion but needs some help and guidance from larger community members.

Pandemic has been tough for all of us and due to this, life has been difficult. we (vortexshield ) have several years of experience in cyber and network security which led to create a small business on managed antivirus for residential users, since all of our day to day activities have shifted to online , viz shopping, banking, trading and many others, because of which having a strong antivirus is a must. Most of the users do not have an antivirus , and , OTC antivirus comes with huge one time cost and free antivirus does not provide all the features , if it does , its for very limited period of time. Hence we came up with managed subscription based antivirus solution for residential, we partnered with Bitdefender to provide best in class antivirus solution completely packaged with right parameters for home users and businesses.

This solution is completely cloud based.

If you can review our antivirus features with others and let us know if we are missing anything or something needs to be added which will benefit larger user community, we will appreciate it.

you can find all information on –

we also offer whole lot of other services for business, as attached but our primary focus is on antivirus solution

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