March 7, 2021

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“Vaccine” passport?

I'm not holding my breath, waiting for one.

I have, previously, mentioned John McAfee's "enterprise" regarding a similar
certificate or passport for swingers in the time of AIDS.  The thing just
isn't workable, at best, and, at worst, it can be a positive danger.

You're going to have to carry some kind of document or card.  Let's say it's
a card.  Now, does it just give contact info for a centralized database?
(One version I saw just used a QR code on your phone, so that definitely
seems to just be a "pointer" situation.)  *How* centralized?  This is going
to be used for international travel, one would think, if it is going to be
used at all.  So which countries are going to sign on?  And which are going
to accept a database in some other jurisdiction?  And which are going to
accept having their citizens' data stored by someone else?

OK, so what if we make it a smart card and store it on the phone.  Same
problems with jurisdiction.  Which countries are going to agree (within the
next few months, please) to a standard for data storage on such a card?  And
start producing them, all to the same specs.

Then we have the data.  There are the details of the vaccine.  Which version
of the vaccine?  Which lot number?  What is the date of administration?
(Oh, and, by the way, all vaccine administration points are going to have to
be prepared to input *and verify* all this information at the time you get
your shot.)  (Every single nurse-practitioner's office and pharmacy.)  (And
the details of who entered the info is going to have to be there as well,
for verification.)  Is it a multi-shot regimen?  Did you get your booster?

That's a lot of data.  And, if someone gets access to it, a lot more can be
inferred from it.  Like where you were on a given date and time ...

Oh, and, by the way, there are some additional data points we should add.
Like, have you been tested?  What type of test?  What date?  [...]

I see *lots* of problems ...