March 7, 2021

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Forget Self-Driving Cars: the Pentagon Wants Autonomous Ships, Choppers, and Jets

Andy Pasztor,*The Wall Street Journal*,  13 Feb 2021
via ACM TECHNEWS, Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Pentagon is pushing for increased use of automation in the
U.S. military, outpacing efforts in commercial automation as officials aim
to counter technological advances among adversaries. These autonomous
technologies are expected to emerge in future civilian aircraft, air traffic
control systems, and drone applications, but unlike commercial automation,
there are concerns about the lack of regulation over the Pentagon's
initiatives. While these advanced systems will not be deployed immediately,
the recent $740 billion defense authorization bill includes provisions to
expand and promote automation across the military. Military projects in the
works include pairing an autonomous jet fighter with a traditional one in
mock dogfights and using autonomous helicopters to deliver supplies to
remote outposts, an autonomous vehicle for transporting ground troops,
undersea vehicles to carry cargo and gather intelligence, and artificial
intelligence to assume the role of a U-2 reconnaissance plane pilot for