April 11, 2021


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Entitled People Are More Likely To Be Angry at Bad Luck


"Defeat is never fun, but losing a game of poker is less painful when it's
due to the luck of the draw rather than an opponent who's cheating.
Unfairness fires people up, whereas bad luck just disappoints.

"But interestingly, this isn't true for everyone. In a series of studies, we
found that people who have higher levels of psychological entitlement—who
believe they deserve good things—actually felt victimized and angered
when they experienced, remembered or imagined bad luck befalling them."

Where would the technology industry be if luck preordained investment
outcomes? Is the game of life imperceptibly fixed for some and not others?
Fortitude sustains human perseverance, though the myth of Sisyphus reminds
us that effort does not always render beneficial outcome.

That luck serves a significant role in personal or collective achievement,
or underachievement, or at least the perception of it, is both devastating
and demoralizing. Resorting to luck as the sole determinant of success
reinforces the desperate idiom that "Man plans and God laughs."