January 20, 2021


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3D Printing Air Filter System Does a Lot

We know we aren’t supposed to eat a lot of sugar, but we still have ice cream. We also know we probably shouldn’t be inhaling solder smoke and 3D printer fumes, but we do that too. Not [Mike Buss]. His 3D printer has a major exhaust system.

We can sympathize with his process. He mentions he started out just wanting a fan running with some filters. Then he decided to add a way to turn the fan on and off when printing. Then he added sensors to detect fumes and fire. Data collection was almost an afterhthought.

Of course, most of the system is 3D printed, alongside the electronics and some Lexan parts. We thought it was nice that [Mike’s] motivation was his newborn son, [Theodore]. There’s no word if he’s been operating the printer yet, but we sure it is just a matter of time.

We’ve seen simliar vent systems. Some of them also make the printer quieter.