January 18, 2021


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3 questions guiding your SAP transformation to S/4HANA

When an enterprise decides to take an SAP S/4HANA journey, it is looking to achieve the following goals: adhere to SAP best practices, modernize business processes, strategically restructure the business, introduce innovation to reduce IT debt, and simplify their SAP landscape.

But the guidance enterprises receive for this journey ranges from confusing to outright counterproductive. S/4HANA is supposed to simplify and transform disjointed, unharmonized on-premise systems into a single, collocated system that reduces infrastructure footprint, pools analytics, consolidates complex SAP landscapes, and even passes along some savings.

If S/4HANA is key to simplification for many organizations, the path to getting there is anything but simple. So let’s make it simple. Here are the three questions that every enterprise needs to ask, and three boxes to check off their list, in order to pull off a successful and seamless S/4HANA migration.

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