January 17, 2021


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Utopia DNS Hijacker

So I just moved into a new place and have been plagued with attacks by something called Utopia which i’m assuming is the DNS hijacker i’m seeing when i google it. I don’t think its made it into my network though because none of my devices have the utopia site as the dns. It however makes my router drop connection on a pretty regular basis. Is their anything I can do to stop this?

Router Events Logs:

11/21/202011:12:40UTOPIA: FW.LANATTACK DROP Firewall

11/21/202011:12:40UTOPIA: FW.WANATTACK DROP Firewall

11/21/202011:12:40UTOPIA: FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop Firewall

11/21/202011:12:40UTOPIA: FW.IPv6 INPUT drop Firewall

11/21/202011:12:40UTOPIA: IPv6 Blocked DROP Firewall

11/21/202011:12:39UTOPIA: IPv4 Blocked DROP Firewall

11/21/202010:56:54UTOPIA: FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop Firewall

11/21/202010:56:54UTOPIA: FW.IPv6 INPUT drop Firewall

11/21/202010:56:54UTOPIA: IPv6 Blocked DROP Firewall

11/21/202010:56:53UTOPIA: FW.LANATTACK DROP Firewall

11/21/202010:56:53UTOPIA: FW.WANATTACK DROP Firewall

The router repeats theses same errors on the regular multiple times a day

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