November 29, 2020

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Ads in Gmail

On mobile, my Gmail account has been displaying escort ads in the ‘Promotions’ category of the e-mail service (some of the type ‘meet mature women in your area’). The ads show up at the top of the list, in the same list as the other emails from this category (from businesses regarding their services), but the ads are marked as ‘advertisement’ somewhere where the preview of the email would show up, which makes it look different from the other emails on the list. I guess many people get ads displayed in ‘Promotions’, but I haven’t paid attention to this before the escort ads.

Is this a sign of malware?

I did browse some websites which stream live tv from my country which have pop ups, and I watched some series on streaming sites with pop ups that opened because I was on mobile (and didn’t have adblocker or something related).

I quickly closed them but some did freeze my chrome tabs and activity (and made the phone vibrate, if you knwo the type) and I had to restart the chrome app to get rid of them. Could this have been a source for malware on Android?

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